Some people are stupid white

So I’ve been seeing these commercials for a wireless company a lot while watching the NBA playoffs.  One of them depicts a group of three, dressed in Beverly Hills caricature attire, exiting one jet and entering another, discussing why they didn’t care that their phone bill had been cut in half.  “We have all the things we want.  We’re rich!”  The other depicts a mother and daughter at an auction, outbidding each other indiscriminately while explaining, in caricatured southern accents, why they don’t need to save money.  “Like Daddy always said, ‘Money don’t spend itself!'”

Tag line for both ads:  “Some people are stupid rich.”

As the saying goes, once is an anomaly, twice is a trend.  It leads me to wonder if Sprint has in its inventory of ads a similarly caricatured minority, and if not, wonder why the different standards.

There’s more than one angle to look at this, though.  Is the lack of ads featuring “stupid rich” minorities because they can’t get away with depicting them as “stupid” 0r depicting them as “rich”?  In fact, wouldn’t the lack of comparable minority characters be a microagression, a subtle insinuation saying “depicting you as rich is just too implausible”?  Or would it be an affirmation of the economic inequality that is keeping minorities down?

Oh the utility of grievance politics!

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